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So, how does this work? What do I do?
How do I get my thing printed?

We are offering 3D printing, CAD modeling and finishing of prints for everyone.

If you have a CAD file we can definitely get it printed for you. If you only have a drawing or maybe just an idea, we will help you to develop that idea into a finished part and get it delivered to you.

Start by taking a look at our instagram account and in our store of finished products to get an idea of what it is we do and a hint of prices of the 3D printed parts.

However, to get the most reliable pricing, just send us an email with your plans so we can give you a specified quotation.

Feel free to ask any questions at all. We love what we do and want as many people as possible to understand how amazing 3D printing really is.

Special extras for businesses.

Prioritized manufacturing.
Prototyping & product development.
Batch manufacturing.
60-days payment terms.

WHAT THEY SAY ABOUT USThis is some of the kind words we get.

I bought Solidifi3D Designs' VR adaptors and they are truly a great products! More importantly, the customer service is exceptional! I had accidentally given them my older studio address, and when they realized this mistake on my part, Solidifi3D Designs rushed an overseas express shipment to me to make sure I had it 3 days later for a very important client meeting! Thanks again Christian!
P. PoussinCustomer
I would just like to thank you for having an easy and straight forward website. I tried to buy lense adapters with another company, I lost about £50 due to that companies poor work and lack of communication and no refund even though I had a right to one. I was given your website on a recommendation because you are very good at making lense adapters and good at keeping contact. I look forward to getting quality adaptors from a good company. And playing on my vive again after weeks of dealing with that company.
C. BarleyCustomer
When a cap on my dryer broke, I ordered a new one. Christian on Solidifi3d Designs made the original design even better! ​This technology is absolutely the future.
R. ErikssonCustomer

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